Wellness Wednesday Initiative

Benefits of Wellness Wednesday

  • Continue our practice of incorporating SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Standards in a more intentional way
  • Increased opportunities for positive peer relationships
  • Navigating how to deal with conflict
  • Supports a strong learning environment where students work and learn together
  • Initial analysis of student behavior rates suggest a significant decrease in major infractions from last year and a small decrease with minor infractions

Benson Primary School

  • Classroom based and grade level activities
  • Focus on building classroom community with our youngest learners
  • Variety of activities that teach about character, respect and mindfulness
  • CEREAL-OUSLY AMAZING: Benson Primary Families collected and donated over 430 boxes of cereal to local food pantries. Check out our video recap below!
  • Ceral Box Collections & Donations 

    Wellness Wednesday

touch a truck

Franzen Intermediate School

  • Grade-level based activities
  • Cross Grade-level Flocks
  • Focus on building classroom community and relationships throughout the school
  • Activities focus on team-building, anti-bullying, kindness initiatives

    Wellness Wednesday

Peacock Middle School

  • Students organized in houses and pods
  • Team-building and cross-grade level collaboration
  • Focus on building community and relationships across peer groups and between students and teachers

Wellness Wednesday

Teacher Feedback

“Teachers are providing opportunities to explore and practice concepts of community, kindness, and social emotional growth. They are building friendships across grade levels.”
-Sam Mileto, Instructional Coach

“We are enjoying Wellness Wednesdays. I feel like I am getting to know my class better and I appreciate the flexibility to do different activities around the same theme. I also appreciate the team receiving feedback and implementing it to help make activities that work for all age levels of learners, even if it means modifying an activity.”
-Ms. Petrucci, Kindergarten Teacher

“My students look forward to Wellness Wednesday. When they find out it is a Wellness Wednesday, their faces look like it’s Christmas morning. It is allowing me time to get to know my students, as well as them getting to know me. It is also giving us the time to focus on important life lessons. Now is the time to teach them about good character.”
-Mrs. Eich, 2nd Grade Teacher

“I have seen an increase in positive interactions among the various grade levels. In the pod that I am in, the students began the year sort of staying with the students in their grade level, but as we have had a few more days to bond, the students are now more mixed in how they group themselves for activities. I overheard a sixth grader say "That eighth grader in our pod is really cool". The messages of the lessons (empathy, gratitude, acceptance) have generated much needed and rich conversations. I really feel as we continue with these days, we will continue to see growth in our school community.”
- Ms.Jomarron, 6th Grade Special Education Teacher