Superintendent's Office

Mr. Craig Benes, Superintendent

Dear Itasca School District 10 Families,

Welcome back to another school year!  As a parent, I never cease to be amazed at how much work parenting may be, how truly rewarding it is and how quickly the time goes.  On behalf of all the educators, we look forward to teaching our students and working with you as your children grow and develop.  As the superintendent, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and lead Itasca School District 10.  The Board of Education is incredibly supportive and has been instrumental in our improvement as a district.  As the school year begins, please note the following work and accomplishments:

  • We continue to coordinate with the Itasca Police and Fire Department to assure for student safety.  For the first time, all schools have both internal and external safety cameras.
  • New this year, Benson Primary School is offering full-day kindergarten.  The rooms have received a make-over with new student furniture and learning toys
  • There is a new English Learner model that provides significantly more support for our students
  • Our diverse learners will continue to receive a wide range of educational supports, including both resource and inclusion teaching
  • New updated curriculums will be phased in at Peacock for math and Benson and Franzen for Science.  Further curriculum updates will continue this year.
  • Peacock students will move towards 1:1 technology usage with new Google Chromebooks.  5th grade Franzen students will start to pilot Chromebooks, too.
  • Our 2017 Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) School District Financial Score is the highest that it has been in six years.  This is a reflection of responsible fiscal management and adherence to the Board of Education’s Budget Philosophy.  
  • Our new website will continue to be developed and become more family friendly.  Please visit our website at for additional school information and school calendars.
  • Principals and teachers have completed their first year of PERA (Performance Evaluation Reform Act).  This provides a more robust and professional means for teacher support and development with their principal.

Please be reminded that all students must be fulltime Itasca residents and live with their custodial parent(s).  Residency is met through providing required verification.  For a complete listing of the required forms, please contact your student’s school office.  Residency will be routinely investigated throughout the school year.

 As we continue to develop as a school district we do so with the spirit of collaboration.  On behalf of all teachers and administrators, thank you for your continued support as we learn together.  I look forward to seeing you at curriculum nights and future meetings.  Please do not hesitate to phone or email me if you have further questions or concerns.  I may be reached at 630-773-1232.


 Craig Benes

 Craig Benes

Superintendent, Itasca School District 10