Educational Goals

In a cooperative effort, the Board of Education, faculty, staff, students, and community of Itasca School District 10 are dedicated to academic excellence and the cultivation of individual strengths and talents in a safe, supportive, collaborative environment where individual differences and respect for the rights of others guide school and community behavior.

A. Student Safety and Citizenship - To ensure a safe learning environment that promotes the development of responsibility, ethics, discipline and citizenship

B. Academic Excellence - To reach the highest level of academic excellence by promoting an environment for the growth and learning of all students and the district

C. Fiscal Responsibility - To efficiently and responsibly manage the district's fiscal resources for short term needs and long term stability

D. Community Relationships - To nurture and advance relationships through collaboration and communication with the whole community

E. Professional Learning - To support a culture that enhances professional learning and growth

F. Capital Development - To support safety and learning for all