Business Office

Ms. Tiffany Preuss
Chief School Business Official (CSBO)  ext. 1007
Email: [email protected]

Mrs. Amanda Bryce
Operations Administrative Assistant,  ext. 1010
Email:  [email protected]

Mr. Mike Kepchar
Director of Operations, ext. 1006
Email: [email protected] 

Mrs. Karen Capone, ext. 1008
Email: [email protected]

Mrs. Cynthia Kuta
Business Services Coordinator, ext. 1005
Email: [email protected]

District 10 strives to deliver exceptional services to students while ensuring public funds are used in an efficient, responsible, and prudent manner, and to maintain trust and transparency with the community. To that end, the second goal of the district, fiscal responsibility, states "to efficiently and responsibly manage the district's fiscal resources for short-term needs and long-term stability." 

To facilitate this goal, the Board of Education has established policy 4:20 “Fund Balances and Working Cash Policy”. Additionally, the Board of Education instituted a set of guiding principles and actionable steps that translate the Board’s policy wishes into measurable and actionable items to ensure district adherence to board policy.

I. Financial Review

One of the key metrics to achieving and monitoring this goal is the financial profile score annually assigned to the District by the State. Under this ranking system, it is the School Board's goal to consistently maintain the highest financial designation, Recognition.

For fiscal year 2021, the District's financial score is 3.45 out of 4.00.
The scale and label of each designation is as follows:
i. Financial Recognition is a score between 3.54 - 4.00 and is the highest category of financial strength

ii. Financial Review is a score between 3.08 - 3.53 

iii. Financial Early Warning is a score between 2.62 - 3.07 

iv. Financial Watch is a score between 1.00 - 2.61 and is the highest risk category

For further details regarding the financial profile please click here.

II. Revenues and Expenditures

To review the most recent audited revenue and expenditure details please click here.

III. Financial Reports

Budget Information
For historical fiscal year budgets click here.

Annual Financial Reports (AFR)

For historical fiscal year annual financial reports click here.

Contracts Exceeding $25,000
Salary Reports
Additional Reports

IV. Other Mandatory Disclosures

Transparency in Coverage (TiC) click here.
IMRF Cost & Participation Information click here.

For further information please contact the Itasca School District 10 Administrative Center.

For historical fiscal year budgets click here.
For historical fiscal year budgets click here.
For historical fiscal year budgets click here.
For historical fiscal year budgets click here.