Daily Health

Parent Portal Daily Health Certification
Every morning by 7am parents are required to fill the COVID-19 screening questionnaire for their students who will receive in-person instruction that day.  STUDENTS CANNOT ENTER THEIR CLASSROOMS UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED
If they are not certified they will be diverted to school certification immediately.  We will also contact you to review procedures and policies that require daily home certification. 
The Daily Health Certification system will automatically prompt you to fill in the questionnaire once you login to the main page of TeacherEase
https://www.teacherease.com/ on the parent portal.  Your login is the same email address and password you use for online registration.
You can access the health screening on either a desktop or by downloading the TeacherEase - Parents/Student app on to your phone. The login is the same regardless of the device you use.
Here are the links to the step by step directions, as well as a letter from Mr. Benes explaining health certification.