Expectations of Web Access

TeacherEaseParents of students attending Peacock Middle School have be given access to all teachers’ electronic grade books.  With this access, parents will be able to follow their children’s progress in each class.  Assignment names, grades, and missing assignments will all be there for view.  Attendance, discipline and other relevant information will also be available.

Teachers will make every effort to grade assignments quickly and add the assignments and grades to their electronic grade books.  Although teachers will make every effort to post grades in a timely manner, it may take as much as two or three weeks for the grade on a test or assignment to be listed.  Do not, therefore, expect an assignment or quiz grade to be posted the next day.  Grades for some large, special assignments such as a significant research paper may take even longer to be posted.  In those cases, teachers will inform parents not to look for the grade too soon.