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All Peacock school-hosted student emails were recently added to TeacherEase.  The first time TeacherEase is accessed with a student email, select, "Forgot Password" to receive a password associated with the student email.  Please contact Dr. Weeks with any questions.

 In an effort to improve student performance, Peacock Middle School has deployed an internet-based system to communicate with parents and allow secure access to a student's grades, missing assignments, absences, and discipline records.
* The system will also allow teachers to email parents about events in class (your child does outstanding work, gives good effort, misses an assignment, etc.). Our hope is that good communication with parents will result in greater academic achievement.

Parents are also encouraged to provide their child's email address to allow their child easy access to their records.

If you would like to participate in this program, please complete and submit the following information. You may also email the information directly to Peacock Principal, Mrs. Weeks, or print and return the form to the Peacock School Office.
* Expectations of access to TeacherEase